Digital Printing

Digital Printing offers high quality, full color graphics through a system that eliminates several steps from the pre-press process, making it a cost-effective choice for shorter run lengths.

Benefits: Local and regional marketing, test marketing and prototypes.

Characteristics: Allows a wide variety of substrates including, wood, glass, metal, and rigid materials. Accepts thicknesses from 7 mil up to 2 inch.

Project Scope: Niche distribution offered for up to 250+ pieces.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing forces ink through a fine mesh screen that has non-printing areas masked off. The ink is transferred to the substrate of choice, and cured with ultraviolet light.

Benefits: Extreme outdoor durability and Vibrant colors.

Characteristics: Allows a wide variety of paper-based or synthetic substrates including, foam boards, vinyls, and rigid materials. Accepts thicknesses from 7 mil up to 1/2 inch.

Project Scope: We offer regional distribution for 500+ pieces.


Fabrication is the engineering, design, job planning, material selection and final assembly of finished products through a variety of processes.

Benefits: Minimized downtime through our capacity to process entire projects in-house. Collaboration with creative partners who know how to leverage out various capabilities and manufacturing processes to produce truly innovative products.

Capabilities: Sewing, hemming, grommeting, shear cutting and die cutting, laminating, mounting, assembly.


Fulfillment is the assembly of finished products to meet customer specifications. The assembled units are carefully packaged to insure product protection and efficient shipping for local, regional or national distribution of products or kits.

Benefits: Creative collaboration for cost effective packaging solutions. Central shipping origin for maximum cost efficiency.

Capabilities: Quality control, Shipping/Handling Facility, Tracking & Fulfillment Management, and Warehousing.